GVY Token Beta v0.3.1
Network: Rinkeby Testnet
Token Contract Address: 0xdea10729458642f2b5467334748243ee7d6b22d1

For Testing Purposes Only: DO NOT SEND REAL ETH

Requirements: Linux/OSX/Windows + Chrome Browser + MetaMask Extension + JavaScript Enabled
Text and Video Documentation and Guide Coming Soon
Get ETH to begin testing here
Make sure MetaMask is using Rinkeby Test Net
Enter ETH amount to send to contract to create GVY
Each 10M GVY created will reduce the amount of future GVY created per ETH
If you call unlock() or claim() without meeting requirements lots of gas will be burned!
Claiming ETH requires at least 1 GVY to be locked
Accounts cannot submit a new claim until the previous claim is unlocked
Unlock payload succeeds 24 Hours after claim submitted
If you have an issue please refresh the window and/or reload MetaMask
Browser cookies/cache must be cleared if you see GVY Token Beta v. update
Early Access Users: Before creating projects use Approve to make GVY available for bounties

Source for grAIvy Token Smart Contracts