Do you already pay MechanicalTurk, CrowdFlower or MightyAI? Are you a startup looking to train your chatbot or get more data to train your algorithm and unable to pay for PhDs or expensive pricing plans? Do you have trouble finding the right users to engage with your AI?

grAIvy currently offers similar solutions to the above without obscuring any of the pricing details. grAIvy blockchain software allows you to directly incentivize the right audience for your project with a few one-time clicks. If you do not wish to manage cryptocurrency wallets we can process and publish your projects for you. Use your own licenses and keep your data and projects private if you wish.

grAIvy is developing a conversational AI trainer that provides an interface between your chat bot and users who are incentivized to provide honest and thoughtful interactions. Increase your discoverability, reduce your costs and interact with your intended audience.

grAIvy is looking for a handful of strategic partners with existing data needs. If you have a set of images that need to be classified and validated or a chatbot you need to supply with training data and are interested in becoming a strategic partner please contact us. Project bounties for strategic partners will be paid by grAIvy to ensure user participation and platform growth.

At launch grAIvy will offer the following services to businesses and startups:

  • Data collected and validated by humans exportable to your favorite existing ML tools including TensorFlow, Theano, Torch and more
  • Human Sentiment Analysis with project-specific qualified users
  • User Generated Content flagging and filtering
  • Customizable Task Presenters to fit any data type including real-time video and chat interactions with your existing AI

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