Current Release Stage: Beta: v0.3.1

grAIvy progresses over three primary stages, each consisting of several milestones

Stage 1: Data (Q4 2017)

The Data Stage results in an efficient and robust blockchain-powered Human-in-the-loop Training Data as a Service (HTDaaS). The focus is on Training Data collection and validation. Humans are rewarded for solving data problems that machines alone cannot do.

  • grAIvy App Version 1.0 Release
  • Available on Desktop and Mobile
    User Qualifications Framework Complete and Accurate
  • grAIvy v1.0 Smart Contracts deployed to Main Network
  • ERC20 Token Deployed to Ethereum Main Network
    grAIvy Projects Smart Contract Deployed to Ethereum Main Network
    grAIvy Users Smart Contract Deployed to Ethereum Main Network
    grAIvy App Smart Contract Deployed to Ethereum Main Network
  • grAIvy Reward Distribution Logic Fair and Accurate
  • Community Supported Balance of Privacy, Decentralization and Functionality
  • grAIvy Data Projects Launched with Strategic Partners
  • Provide Community Subsidized Training Projects to Early Partners to Encourage Growth
    Support at least one Business Project
    Support at least one Startup Project
    Support at least one Academic Project
    Support at least one Community Project
  • Developer and Community Support for Learning Stage
  • Healthy Developer Community to Complete and Improve grAIvy
    Active Community of Users Benefiting from contributing to grAIvy
  • Explore and Integrate New Opportunities for Training Data
  • Implement new Task Presenters for Conversational AI, Live Streams and more
  • Expand User-Controlled Privacy
  • Provide grAIvy Users with Tools to Control their Privacy

Stage 2: Learning (Q2 2018)

The Learning Stage brings Model Building and Training as a Service (MBTaaS) to grAIvy. Here the focus is combining Training Data generated with tools from the Data Stage, existing open-source ML tools and grAIvy blockchain software to distribute Machine Learning computational work globally. The result is a resilient and accessible platform for AI/ML development.

  • grAIvy App Version 2.0 Release
  • Model Building Tools and Services Integrated
    GPU Training Nodes Completed
  • grAIvy v2.0 Smart Contracts deployed to Main Network
  • grAIvy GPU-Worker Smart Contract Deployed to Ethereum Main Network
    grAIvy Model-Builder Smart Contract Deployed to Ethereum Main Network
  • Integration with grAIvy Training Data
  • grAIvy Learning Services can Import and Integrate grAIvy Data Services
  • Provably Fair Reward Distribution for GPU Contributors
  • Optimize GPU Training Nodes with Data from Learning Beta
  • Loop-in Humans while Training for Real-Time Corrections
  • Create Task Presenters for Real-Time Interaction to Validate ML/AI Algorithm Outputs
    Integrate Task Results with Model Training in Real-Time
  • Complete Decentralized Platform for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Development
  • Developers can develop, train, test and grow AI from anywhere in the world
    Humans are actively and knowingly participating in developing AI impacting their lives
  • Developer and Community Support for Interaction Stage
  • grAIvy has contributed to the success of many AIs

Stage 3: Interaction (Q4 2018)

The Interaction Stage provides opportunities and incentives for AIs to provide services and interactions (AIaaS) to grAIvy users and spend their earnings on more Training Data or GPU Learning time to optimize earnings over time. Users can earn more tokens to pay for AI-based services by completing tasks that still require human-cognition.

  • grAIvy App Version 3.0 Release
  • Interactions Platform Integrated
    Text, Voice and Augmented Reality Interactions
  • grAIvy v3.0 Smart Contracts deployed to Main Network
  • AI-Generated Smart Contract Deployment to Ethereum Main Network
  • AI Services Marketplace
  • AIaaS is provided by multiple parties
    Interactions and Services Payable with GVY
  • AI-Initiated Data and Training Requests
  • Allow AI to initiate data and training bounties for itself

You can read more about the architecture in the grAIvy Documentation and follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own projects.