How It Works

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An Ethereum blockchain explorer is required to use grAIvy. The options currently supported are MetaMask via the Chrome browser extension on desktop and Status.IM on mobile (coming soon). Please access grAIvy through MetaMask for now to contribute. When you are connected successfully you will see the status in the top right change to "Connected". In the future new ways will be added to make it even easier for users to connect and contribute including Mist, MetaMask on FireFox, Toshi on mobile and more.

When a new grAIvy user registers they will experience a familiar signup process. After filling out the usual suspects, when the user clicks submit, their Ethereum browser client is prompted to send a transaction to the blockchain to register the user account. The cost of the network fee for this process will be earned back with a few short tasks. As the user completes challenges, verifies additional information and earns task experience their Permissions and Qualifications scores increase to grant access to specialized tasks for higher rewards.

grAIvy users are able to browse existing projects by type, subject or reward amount. Each project has a set of tasks to be completed and a set token reward per task. Once a user has completed tasks for a project they can submit a request to the blockchain for their token reward to be transferred to their wallet from their desktop or mobile browser within two clicks. Users can claim Ethereum over time from the network by temporarily locking their GVY tokens or choose to trade them immediately for other cryptocurrencies to buy food or pay rent.

grAIvy users can also create projects using pre-built templates for free after choosing the bounty amount to distribute to users for completing their work.

Create your project, import your tasks, select a task presenter, choose your audience, load the project contract with GVY Tokens to pay workers and click publish! You can view and export your results to your desired format easily.

Users can select from free prebuilt open-source Task Presenters for their projects. Packages will be available for Tokens to acquire custom Task Presenters and Support for projects that require users to interact with data in ways that prebuilt Task Presenters do not support.

With future developments contributors can earn GVY Tokens for offering time on their GPUs for Machine Learning tasks in addition to completing their human-cognition data tasks. GVY Tokens will be exchanged for services and interactions from new and interesting AIs that make our lives easier.

You can read more about the architecture in the grAIvy Documentation and follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own projects.