Frequently Asked Questions

grAIvy is a platform that disrupts the entry barriers for ML/AI development by using blockchain technology to incentivize humans anywhere in the world to offer their cognition and computational resources to developers, businesses and civic hackers.

As a human, you can perform certain tasks that existing machines or Aritificial Intelligence are unable to complete alone. By using grAIvy you are earning cryptocurrency by offering your time, attention and effort for solving these tasks. Tasks can range from classifying your favorite music to friendly conversations with chatbots. Each person is unique: you may be uniquely qualified to provide solutions or interactions to a particular project. As you complete more tasks and update your user qualifications you will be eligible to work on more advanced tasks for higher rewards. Rewards are earned as GVY Tokens which can be used to claim Ethereum every 24 hours, or traded instantly to anyone else in the world for other cryptocurrencies to exchange for local currency.

Training Data is an essential part in developing any Artificial Intelligence. It gives them their baseline, what is known to be true and accurate. This improves the ability of AI to be trained to act on inputs that aren't in the Training Data and still make accurate predictions and responses. By increasing the quality and quantity of the Training Data, the predictions and responses from AIs become more accurate. As a grAIvy user you are being rewarded for improving this Training Data by providing your input to tasks. Your thoughtful inputs will play an essential role in how AI that will make important decisions for us in the future will think and act.

GVY Tokens are obtained in two ways. The primary way to obtain GVY is to complete tasks on grAIvy. All projects are loaded with a bounty amount that is distributed based on the work done by each user. Developers, businesses or users who need to fund their projects with GVY can send Ethereum to the GVY Token Smart Contract via payable mint() function or contact us and pay a fee for grAIvy to obtain GVY for your project bounties (note: grAIvy obtains GVY for project bounties the same way as anyone else: ETH is sent to the payable GVY Token Smart Contract mint() function). This ETH is then made available to GVY Token holders to claim proportionally based on their holdings relative to total supply of GVY. Based on the total supply and ETH sent, an amount of GVY will be generated and sent to the requested address. Once the total supply reaches 200M GVY, the mint() function will be disabled and the only wait to obtain more GVY will be to earn them yourself from project bounties or purchase them from another user.

No. grAIvy developers would rather spend time building something useful today instead of raising money to make something that might be useful tomorrow. "Shut up and code."

grAIvy Smart Contracts and Core Application will launch on Main Ethereum Network Q4 2017.

MetaMask is close to working in FireFox but we are not currently able to support it. This should be fixed before launch. Mist Browser will be compatible by the completion of Beta.

Until grAIvy launches a dedicated mobile application for Android and iOS, users can participate with Status.IM, and in the future Toshi. Unfortunately since neither Status.IM nor Toshi currently allow users to use Main Ethereum Network, they may not be supported at launch.

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly, with many of us contributing and interacting with AI every day without realizing it. Those interactions are monetized and applied in ways that do not give us a voice in how our data is used without attempting to share profits gained from these endeavors with the users. This is like paying taxes to a government that doesn't allow you to vote in exchange for social programs designed solely to extract more taxes.

grAIvy changes this paradigm with blockchain technology by giving humans a platform to participate in AI development by choosing what they want to participate in and receiving rewards for their attention and data. This platform further reduces the entry barrier for developers and startups seeking access to tools to build their own visions. grAIvy seeks to unlock and open the barrier between developers and Human Generated Data/ML/AI tools by providing a platform to connect humans anywhere in the world to Artificial Intelligence with clear, fair and mutually beneficial terms.

grAIvy is being built by open source developers passionate about Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology

grAIvy is funded by developers up to launch of the Data Stage.

Real humans have a voice and a stake in the success of responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has the power to influence every aspect of every human life when fully realized. Even when developing "light" AIs the bigger picture must be kept in mind. Humans developing Artificial Intelligence today are responsible for the decisions that AI will make in the future including its overall impact on humanity. With the potential power of AI, a close awareness to responsibility and consequences must be paid during development of all projects that can have such an impact.