Beta Details

Current Release Stage: Data: Invite Only Beta v0.3

Please note grAIvy is still in early and active development. Users wishing for bug-free experience should wait until release v1.0 before using grAIvy. Smart Contracts and GVY Token are active on Ethereum testnet only until the next major release. Any accounts, projects, works or tokens earned or created during the beta can be lost at any time. Do not send real ETH to grAIvy contracts yet! To receive testnet ETH you can find a faucet here. Chrome browser with MetaMask extension on Linux/OSX/Windows is currently required for testing.

What works:

  • ERC20 Token
  • ETH distribution to token holders with 24 hour locktime
  • Smart Contracts for Projects and Users
  • Blockchain-based User Qualifications and Permissions
  • Image, Document, Sound and Video Tasks
  • Tasks Importing from CSV, GoogleDocs, YouTube, Flickr, DropBox
  • Tasks Bounty Distribution based on User Permissions, Qualifications and Contributions
  • App Interaction with grAIvy Smart Contract Functions via Web3.js

Working on:

  • Integrating remaining grAIvy Smart Contract and Web3 logic into PyBossa functions
  • Improving functionality for Project and App Smart Contracts
  • Adding and Removing critical PyBossa functions
  • Refining Reward Distribution options based on Permissions
  • Integrating User Qualifications framework into PyBossa
  • Refining User Qualifications framework
  • Status.IM and Mist compatibility
  • Conversational Tasks
  • Tasks Importing from Swarm, IPFS
  • One-Click TensorFlow Results Export

What is needed:

  • Developers interested and excited about working on blockchain and ML/AI problems
  • Enthusiasts passionate about grAIvy succeeding
  • Contributors willing to improve documentation and report bugs in a clear and concise manner
  • Users eager to share their feedback on the future of mining cryptocurrency
  • UX/UI Improvements and Developers

Once the invite-only Beta is completed, the public Beta will offer incentives for users to participate. Testnet tokens earned during the public beta will be redeemable in a small fraction at launch with a proof-of-burn.

If you are a business or developer and would like to see how the problems from your project can be solved with grAIvy please contact us to arrange a free consultation and project deployment during the Beta stage. Please note availability of free data projects will be limited.

The token demo is now available, you can find it here

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