grAIvy launches as a blockchain-based crowdsourcing framework to analyze or enrich data that can't be processed by machines alone.

grAIvy is built with PyBossa, a free, open-source crowdsourcing and micro-tasking platform developed by Scifabric. It enables people to create and run projects that utilise online assistance in performing tasks that require human cognition such as image classification, transcription, geocoding and more. grAIvy is here to help researchers, businesses, civic hackers and developers to create and improve ML and AI projects where anyone around the world with some time, interest and an internet connection can contribute.

grAIvy blockchain software is made possible through blockchain-based technologies and tools including Ethereum, Truffle, MetaMask, Status.IM and more which provide opportunity and incentive for contributors and developers to connect anywhere in the world. This empowers users seeking to be rewarded for their attention and reduces the entry barrier for Machine Learning and Aritificial Intelligence developers to gain access to Training Data and cloud-based Learning services.

grAIvy is different from existing efforts:

  • It's 100% open-source
  • Contributors are fairly and transparently rewarded for their efforts
  • Businesses and Developers can pay lower prices for ML/AI Training Data and Learning as a Service (TDLaaS)
  • grAIvy is a community-run project
  • No Token shenanigans: grAIvy succeeds with transparency and community support

You can read more about the architecture in the grAIvy Documentation and follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own projects.